• Product Endorsements:
    • Fitness and health industry
  • Personal Guest Appearances:
    • Commentator or announcer or announcer at shows,
    • Motivational speaking engagements,
    • Cabaret Theater Arts Ballroom Dance routine with Ivan Berkovic from Croacia
  • Fitness coach:
    • Presentation and confidence on stage, posing on stage,  share the mental and emotional journey thru the process of getting on stage, train for strength in the fitness routine, flexibility, gymnastics and strength moves.
    • Teach the mental toughness needed to be a competitor in anything you choose to do in life.
  • Health and Fitness customized diet plans and on line personal training:
    • I work with you, one-on-one to develop a program that best fits your needs. This mentorshiip continues on line as you develop and maintain your goals.
  • Ultimate Fit Lifestyle Coach:
    • Helping to discover the answers within yourself, clarity of values, create a plan of how to achieve what client really wants, become sound board for new ideas, support in making life changing decisions, challenge clients views beyond their perceived limitations, direction, acknowledgment, encouragement, and be a resource of information.
  • Dena Anne Weiner’s custom designed “Ultimate Fit Lifestyles”
    • Invest in Yourself- The payoff Lasts a lifetime! “Mental Affirmations Produce Physical Transformations” 


Dena Anne Weiner



  • Sports/fitness
  • Glamour
  • Casual
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Fashion
  • Print/editorial
  • Parts model

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