The following is a small list of Testimonials from clients and colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with over the years...  

As a mother of 14 year old triplets, I was wondering, now that I had more time on my hands, if I could get in better shape by working out with weights.  I have never worked out with weights before, I was a marathon runner and thought the best way to get into shape was doing a lot of cardio.  But as I got older I noticed even with all of the cardio I was doing I wasn't as toned as I used to be.  That's when I found Dena.  She not only convinced me that the way I was going about it was wrong, she showed me how to transform by body by working out with weights and the correct diet.  Although I have struggled in the past "to be good" she said there was no better way than to have a goal and get up on stage.  I thought she was crazy, but I knew she was right and it would be the only way that I would really be able to stay on track.  I love having goals to strive for so I agreed.  In 6 short months I lost 10 pounds, gained muscle, and dropped 8 % of body fat and got up on stage in Las Vegas in a bikini!!!  I was blown away with the results.  Now I know it is possible and at 47 I now know it is never too late.  I love Dena's enthusiasm and she is always positive even when you blow it occasionally.  She has great knowledge of the body and how it responds and she practices what she preaches.  I can not thank her enough for not only having patience with me but absolutely transforming my life in more ways than just fitness.

Michelle G.
Mother of Triplets
South Orange County, CA


I really appreciate what you are doing for me. Just wanted to get that out first!

"I met Dena through my husband's high school reunion, and again at her holiday Christmas party. I asked her if she could give me some training pointers. I wanted to get back into shape for my 50th birthday. That began us training together twice a week. I love Dena's style of positive reinforcement and encouragement. She has a certain empathy for people who have had struggles in their exercise commitments. Her workouts are specific and targeted. I am seeing the great results of her trainings. She has allowed me to see myself in a positive reflection of who I am, and for that I can not thank her enough!"

Tracy P.
Mother of two children
Orange County, California
April 20, 2011


I would like to take this opportunity to give my thanks to Dena Anne Weiner for her constant support throughout my preparation for the Fitness America pageant in November, 2008. She was always available to advise about diet and workouts as well as ideas for costumes. She checked in on me on a regular basis rather than letting her busy schedule distance her support. I visited Dena and her family on numerous occasions. We worked out together and had our body fat tested. We also made a point to attend bodybuilding events to inspire me.
With Dena’s help, I had the Time of my life competing in Las Vegas. It was a new experience having only done NPC shows prior to the Fitness America/ Model America competition. I didn’t bring home any trophies this year and that’s ok because I am learning more and more every year and with each new competition.

Thanks my friend!
Debra Jean Rhymes
Mother of two
Northern California


The date was Saturday, February 4, 2006 to be exact.  That's when I met her and when I knew I needed to change the direction of my life.  At the time, while serving as the Director for The Touchdown Club of Columbus, Dena was being presented with an award for winning the 2005 Fitness America.  Mind you, most if not every athlete present was a male athlete accepting an award for Football or some other sport.  The Master of Ceremonies, Curtis Boster would give an introduction that always included a well put together video clip of the athlete.  Needless to say, when they played the video clip of this 43 year old woman performing a jaw dropping gymnastic, fitness routine, every person in the room was in complete awe, especially me.  As a high school cheerleader and member of the HS gymnastic team myself, I was particularly impressed because she was exactly my age.  I remember thinking to myself  "Who IS this woman and how on earth did she compete against numerous women HALF her age and win?"  As she approached the stage to make her acceptance speech, every eye was on this incredibly beautiful, upbeat, and incredibly talented woman.  But what really impressed me was her speech.  It literally made me cry.   At the end of the banquet is a time of autographs and pictures with the athletes. I couldn't wait to meet her and get her autograph and a picture with her.  But what I got instead was much more than that.  I got a friend for life!! I figured I was gonna be lucky if she gave little ole me the time of day.  Let's face it, this gal was in a league all her own.  She came with her husband Keith.  She GRACIOUSLY posed for pictures and autographs were given to all who asked.  But it didn't stop there.  I sat with her and her husband at the bar of the hotel where they were staying and I gotta tell you, I have NEVER met someone of her caliber that was so down to earth and approachable.  Her and her husband couldn't have been any nicer.  This dynamic duo impressed me more and more with each passing minute of the night. I got to pick her brain about all kinds of stuff, like diet and exercise, and how she does it all. The mere fact that she was the mother of three boys (since I myself was the mother to 4)  and could look like that just blew me away.  I knew I could no longer use my age or the "mom of 4 kids" as an excuse anymore.  Here was living proof that you are NEVER too old to start.  So, I began my own journey towards eating better and working out, making it more of a lifestyle every day and not just something you do for a little while.  It is now a way of life, eating clean, and exercising.  I have never felt better.  People I went to HS with or who haven't seen me in 20-25 years often say I look better now than when I was in HS.  And I have Dena Weiner to thank!  She is the EPITOME of living a life of eating clean and being fit and active.  This is truly a person who walks the walk and talks the talk.  We have kept in touch over the years and I consider her a GREAT friend and am truly blessed to have her in my life.  The world is a much better place with her and her husband Keith in it! 

Karen  Nixon
Columbus Ohio
Mother of three children
April 2011




I met Dena Anne Weiner 5 years ago at the Ms. Fitness USA Nationals event in Las Vegas. I was a spectator and came to watch, planning on competing the following year but having no idea how to do it. Dena placed 6th overall that year (I thought she deserved a top 5 placing). I congratulated her in the hall after the competition and she was so friendly! She asked me where I was from and if I had competed before. I told her I didn’t but would love it if she had any tips for me. She gave me her card and told me to call her. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to call the following week. She didn’t disappoint, she not only gave me valuable advice on competing in this crazy world of fitness, but she coached me on Nutrition and was there for me every step of the way. She gave me tips on how to improve my poise and routines. She went far above and beyond the help of a friend, she became a mentor and I will be forever grateful to her for the love and time she selflessly dedicated to me and countless other girls. Since then, I have competed every year using her timeless advice. She is a true champion and has a beautiful heart that comes out in her enthusiasm for the sport and everyone involved in it.


Karla Kirkegaard
Fitness Competitor
Mother of three children – San Diego California




"If you are looking for the perfect personal trainer…that would be Dena Weiner. She is a real joy to work with and brings enthusiasm with her that makes working out fun.  She always gives me a variety of exercises that makes what used to be a boring process actually stimulating and enjoyable. She can always tell me how an exercise is working for me, and explains the process in simple terms so I can understand so I can concentrate on how to perform it without being confused.   Dena will provide you with workouts that will give you the quick results that you are looking for while making your exercise program so much fun. Her workouts incorporate strength training, cardio, correct form, nutrition, and flexibility in a variety of ways so that they never become boring.  Dena’s  knowledge, professionalism and credentials are so very impressive, but her personal attention and her cheerful, caring manner are unbeatable. Her energy and enthusiasm seem to be contagious as she coaches me to do my exercises properly and cheers me on to meet my fitness goals Dena is an absolute delight to workout with, and I highly recommend her. She is a fantastic person and an excellent trainer and friend who will design your exercise program to meet your specific fitness goals. I know that I could never obtain the same results without Dena’s guidance, encouragement and support. Thank you, Dena, for accompanying me on my journey to become a happier, healthier and stronger person."

~Carol Jaslove ~
Orange County, Ca Mother of two children


I have always admired Dena from afar; wondering how she juggled all the demands in her life. She ran a very successful business, worked out 3 to 4 hours a day, competed at World Championships in fitness shows and STILL managed to be at all of her three sons' sporting events! It wasn't until I spent time with her that I really came to appreciate this dynamo.
I originally met with her as a one-time thing to ask about some time management techniques. Within an hour, I was committing to meet with her every month as a life coach!
Dena not only immediately identified the  larger issues I was struggling with, but also offered specific solutions and tangible, attainable goals that she outlined for me. The topics expanded from the specific questions I had to the larger aspect of how I was handling all my affairs-mentally, physically, and emotionally.
While Dena's vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition are impressive enough, and though she has proven herself as a great mother, businesswoman and competitive athlete at the highest levels, the thing that makes working with Dena so powerful is that she makes me believe that I really can achieve all of the goals and dreams that I have for my life, no matter the obstacles. As she likes to say, "Excuses are just stepping stones that move you further away from your goals".
She is an encourager in the truest sense of the word- "one who inspires with courage and hope".
As a busy working mother of 5, I have no spare time to spend pursuing activities that do not directly benefit myself or my family. I can unequivocally state that working with Dena is the greatest investment I can make!

Mary H.
Mother of 5 Children – Orange County California


I have know and trained with Dena Weiner for the past 6 years.  Being a
National fitness competitor with both Ms Fitness and Fitness America Pageant, Dena has been an integral part of my training and success both on the national and world fitness stage.  I directly attribute my fitness progress to her weight training expertise, nutritional counseling and overall emotional motivation. 

There were many years that I contemplated retiring from competing in competitive fitness.  I felt too old, too tired, too busy, too injured to continue.  Dena was able to work with me to encourage and lift my competitive spirit each and every time.  She inspired me both by her training knowledge and her lifestyle examples.  She is one fitness professional who “lives and breaths what she teaches”.

I highly recommend Dena Weiner as a teacher, trainer, motivator, and mentor for any and all fitness goals.

Anne Boland
Pittsburgh, PA 



I met Dena at the fitness show, where she was judging me. After short introduction I felt a great energy and positive attitude. I liked her idea to try competing as a couple. Two months later we started training on our first fitness routine and made  plans for upcoming competing season. Since then we have done over 20 shows on national and international level. Thanks to Dena's great personality and positive energy we have always lots of fun when we get together for the practice or for the show. She is very focused and hard working person who always reaches all the goals she sets up and she never gives up.she is also very caring and generous .we have known each other only few years but we became  a great friends. I admire her as a fitness competitor but most of all as a person. She is always ready to help in every situation. She cares about others in professional as much as in personal life.

Rado Pagac
Pairs Fitness Partner
Personal Trainer – Orange County California



The first time I met Dena was 35 years ago at a gymnastics competition.  Fearless and dynamic were the first thoughts that came to mind after witnessing her performance.  Our lives have been intertwined ever since that first meeting.  We have continued to cross paths as college gymnast and now as fitness professionals.  The determination and tenacity that I witnessed years ago is still present today in all facets of her life. It is evident in her motivation and desire to help others achieve their personal best in being fit and healthy.  
Trina Wiggins M.D. FAAP
Ms. Fitness Competitor
Gymnast with Dena in the 70’s and in the early 80’s in college.


I have been working with Dena for the last 14 years and she has always been fully committed to a life-style focused on wellness, and helping others achieve their own goals. I just can’t say enough about the integrity that Dena brings to the world of health. She is an inspiration to us all! Thank you for always putting in 100 percent all of the time.”

Steve Murphey – B.S., N.M.T.
Newport Beach, California



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